Tuesday, January 29

A Warm & Heartfelt Thank You!

Hello Ladies and Gents,

We cannot thank you all enough for your overwhelming support at our January 20, workshop. It certainly was a blast to meet and greet so many new faces! And welcoming old friends felt good!

It was clear from the size of the audience and the energy in the room that there is a strong desire to learn about proper Hair Care routines. The discussion regarding the connection between our physical health and our hair was very well received and an eye opener for many.
We explored a discussion about the types of foods that first nourishes the body and then by extension help yourhair. We examined 1. food supplements verses vitamins which are chemically derived; and 2. information on how to take care of your skin from our very own esthetician on staff.

We were very pleased to hear from Lurie Daniel Favors, a consumer rights attorney with a background in Africana studies (and my daughter!), who touched on the connection between self-esteem and Black hair. The audience was spell bound as she shared an excerpt from her upcoming book "Afro State of Mind: Memoirs of a Nappy Headed Black Girl," a story designed to help you change what's in your head so that you can better embrace what's on your head.

Last but not least we served a light refreshing raw/vegan vegetarian wrap with a nettle cuppiccino tea and peppermint water. And guests were eager to purchase the yummy raw kale chips & raw oatmeal cookies that were on sale.

The topics that we touched on were just a prelude to a much more in depth teaching we will feature in February. See details on that workshop below. We are so thrilled to have shared this wonderful experience with you and truly appreciate our clients and friends. Stay warm, be well and remember:

Your Hair + Health = Beauty!

With love,

Adenike aka
Tamara Walters, CEO
The Woven Wool, Inc.

Certified Sisterlock Consultant
Licensed Barber/Stylist
Natural & Damage Hair Specialist
Raw Food Chef
Natural Hair Care from the Inside Out

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