Tuesday, February 22

Hair, hair, and more hair.

Hair, hair, and hair that's what everyone seems to be talking about these days. Short hair, long hair, no hair. Some women are obese with their hair. From going to the salon every two weeks to buying every new product on the market ( product junkies). Just about everyone has gone through some hair situation at one point or another. I remember when I had to have a curly weave stage. Oh, boy did I love to wear a curly weave. The first few weeks after getting my curly do. I would be on top of the world. I had so much confidence and sex appeal. At the time I didn't know what it was with that curly do, but it changed me immediately. I would attract so many more men than I usual with my curly do in. When I really started to pay attention to why men were being drawn to me I realize it wasn't the hair. It was the confidence and the sex appeal that I was sending out (people are attracted to positive energy)when I had the curly do in. Sometimes we spend a lot of time and energy into our appearances and not enough time on self improvement and health. Hair is just a small piece to who we (you) really are. Love yourself with the weave, without the weave, short, long, relax, natural and all. Note that what you put into you body is what you get out of your body. Once you nurturer yourself with positive energy and in return you will send off positive energy. I no longer wear the weaves and I'm still pulling in the fellas with my natural self.

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