Friday, May 10

Healthy Body, Healthy Hair May Workshop

"The Health of the Body Can Be Seen in the Hair"
May Workshop

In this month's workshop we will explore avenues of health that bring beauty back into the body and seen in the hair. Simple methods that bring great results.

Topics that will be addressed:

~ The Hydration of the Hair.
By Sabine Bellevue - Licensed Cosmetologist/Natural Hair Stylist, Sisterlock Consultant and CEO of Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon and Sabine's Wellness Center.

~ The connection of body and hair and methods to explore that give results.
 By Adenike - Licensed Master Barber/Stylist, Natural/Damaged Hair Specialist, Certified Sisterlock Consultant, Raw Food Chef and Reiki Practitioner. CEO of (The Natural Hair Whisperer) My motto: "Hair Care From The Inside Out"

~ "Death and Disease states in the body begin in the colon"
How to transform your health and well-being by proper cleansing and detoxification of the body.

Featured Products:

~ An encapsulated herbal formula designed to start chipping away at the encrusted material, while regulating the digestive system and boosting one's metabolism.

~ An herbal salve excellent for joint pain, congestion, sinus problems, and many many more.

~ A homemade, ancient "miracle elixir" known as kombucha which aids and supports the body in many ways including digestion, circulation, skin, hair, and nail growth.

~ Natural, healthy, organic snack samples to taste as well!
By Sehaguay N. Gouede - Certified Colon Hygienist/Vitalist/Holistic Health Educator.

~ Juice Plus, Concentrated Super foods in powdered form used to supplement the healthy foods you allow into your body and bridge the gap of whats missing in your diet. How it works and the effects of it in your body and hair.
By Nicole Dobson - Natural Hair Stylist & Loctician Specialist, Juice Plus Distributor & Cheryl Adams - Certified Health Coach/Juice Plus Distributor.

Where:  1260 Bedford Ave
             Btw Fulton & Halsey
             Brooklyn, NY 11216      
When:  May 26, 2013  from 3pm - 5pm


Space is limited so please email by Thursday 5/23 to:
call Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon at: 718-789-2673
We are looking forward to seeing you all at our workshop!

Sabine Bellevue, CEO
Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon
Sabine's Wellness Center
Certified Sisterlock Consultant
Licensed Natural Hair Stylist
Licensed Cosmetologist

Adenike aka
Tamara Walters, CEO
The Woven Wool, Inc.
Certified Sisterlock Consultant
Licensed Barber/Stylist
Natural & Damage Hair Specialist
Raw Food Chef
Natural Hair Care from the Inside Out

[Cherry Blossom Festival, Day Two: 7 image credit: Ben Stanfield]


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