Saturday, June 22

IT'S HERE!! Lurie Daniel Favors New Book: Afro State of Mind


After much anticipation we are pleased to announce that attorney & author Lurie Daniel Favors' book "Afro State of Mind: Memories of A Nappy Headed Black Girl" is finally here!

You've heard about this book for months and eagerly wondered when it would be available. 

You listened to attorney & author Lurie Daniel Favors speak and knew you wanted to hear more.  

You checked the website for details and signed up for the update emails. 

You enjoyed her youtube videos and forwarded her blog posts

And now your wait is over! 

We are pleased to invite you to Lurie's book release event on Sunday June 30, 2013 at Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon (details below). There you will hear from the author and be among the first to purchase her newly released book, Afro State of Mind: Memories of A Nappy Headed Black Girl. 

ASOM: Memories of A Nappy Headed Black Girl is not your typical natural hair book. This is not a "how-to manual" for hair care and styles. It is not a "twist this way" or "moisturize that way" book. This book is a coming of age story about a Black girl learning to love her hair and by extension learning to love herself. 

The book recalls the moments when Lurie first discovered that nappy hair was a "problem" in search of a solution. She describes her youthful search for something - anything - to make her hair straight (and keep it straight) so that she could finally be considered one of the "good hair" girls. 

You'll laugh and cry as she recounts her experiences when her Big Chop went wrong. She writes about finding love as a natural girl - even though she did not meet the definition of a girl with "pretty hair". You will be entertained (and a bit horrified) as she describes her experiences as a natural head abroad and surprised at the ways in which natural hair is viewed around the world.

Lurie is honest about her trials as a natural head in corporate America and freely shares her hopes for the future of the natural hair movement. 

We live in a world that rarely appreciates Black women. This book unpacks the history of hair in the Black community and is designed to be an inspiring reminder of the beauty and talent inherent within Black womanhood. 

Lurie wrote this book because she believes: 

"It is important that we change the thoughts that are in our heads so that we can embrace the hair that is on our heads. I wrote this book to challenge some of those believes and to encourage our sisters and members of the global community to embrace and value Black women just as we are without the need for alteration: naturally, beautifully and exactly the way God designed us to be." 

Please join us Sunday June 30, 2013 for the first Afro State of Mind: Memories of A Nappy Headed Black Girl event!

Where: 1260 Beford Ave (Btw Fulton & Halsey) 
Brooklyn, NY 11216
When:  June 30, 2013        
Time:  4pm - 6pm

We are looking forward to seeing you all.
Space is limited so please call or email by - Thursday 6/27 to: or call 347-251-1212

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